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Spring Cleaning and refresh of all your Feminine thingsHey Everyone! Spring is here! I know every year, we all have this big “spring cleaning to-do list.” My two BFFs, A & J have already started theirs. I have not lol. They send pics and say how good it feels to cross things off the list.  (yeah, they are annoying sometimes lol) My big clean-up and to-do projects are outside this year, and the weather here is still a month or so away from being good enough to start. However, there is one project that I can start, and I wanted to share it with you to inspire you to do some spring cleaning of your feminine wardrobe. So I need a wardrobe refresh. I don’t just need to clean my closet; I need to go through things.  I need to see what items are past their prime, to look at how my pieces can be put together for outfits, and what pieces I need to make outfits.


Pretty lacy things seem like the best place to start. As all of you know, I don’t wear panties, but I do love my bras. I have three general types: sports bras, everyday bras, and sexy/lounge bras. Even if you hand wash your bras and panties, they will show wear. I know it is hard, but sometimes you need to replace them. I think everyone should have foundation pieces of black and white. This is the perfect time to add a fun new color as well. Maybe you want to expand your Feminine lingerie drawer. Babydolls, robes, or stockings can be added to an existing bra and panty set to make a sexy lingerie outfit.  If you’re thinking of trying something new, try a body suit.

Outfits For Going Out En Femme

Going out en femme, you need more than lingerie. If you already have some feminine clothes, again check the condition. Have they seen better days? Are they too worn or stained? (no cum stains sluts!) Do you have lots of skirts but no tops? Maybe you have random pieces but no outfits? Start with building outfits from what you already have. If you have a favorite skirt that fits you great, get a couple of tops to wear with it. If you don’t have clothes for going out en femme, before you rush out to buy pieces, get a plan. Think about not just where you are going but what you will be doing when you’re there. A little black dress is perfect for going out dancing but not so great for running to the grocery store.

Don’t forget Feminine Shoes and Makeup.

Last but not least, shoes and make-up. The sexiest pair of heels look terrible if they are dirty or scuffed up.  Don’t ruin a great feminine outfit with bad shoes lol.  Makeup doesn’t last forever. If you forgot it was in the drawer, throw it out. You must take care of that feminine skin, and outdated makeup is not good. Spring is the time for lighter colors and natural looks; get yourself a new pallet and a pretty pink sheer lipstick to complete your spring feminine look.

Until next time!


Ms. Kay Marie