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Hello! I hope this finds you all well. I had planned to make all of February all about feminization. Due to some tech issues and my busy MILF life, the month has gotten away from me. However, I am still going to post all the blogs I wanted to, even if that means we go into March.

I have always focused this site on the more personal parts of our lives. I have shared everything from our personal sex lives to our personal movie choices and everything in between. So of course, I have to share some of my own personal femme favorites.

For me, everything feminine and sexy starts with skin care. Now I know some of you are going to be disappointed and think I should talk about lacy bras & panties or killer heels. I am firm on this, everything (or even nothing at all) looks sexier and is more feminine with healthy skin.

I live in a part of the country that my skin takes a beating this time of the year. The furnace is running nonstop causing my skin to dry out. I am not exaggerating when I say I lotion three times a day! I have multiple lotions. Some for my body, hands, face even my feet lol.  I use different lotions not just based on the body part but what I need. Like I said, this time of the year it’s the furnace, during the summer it’s the humidity.  Your skins needs change based on your age, the time of year, your environment ~ your lotions will as well.

I start with exfoliating ~ both my body and my face. I tell you, this makes all the difference. Not only does exfoliating get rid of dry flaking dead skin, (which is not femme or sexy) it moisturizes. You can lather all the lotion on you have, but if your skin is dry & flakey it’s not going to be smooth. This also goes for applying makeup ~ you need a smooth base.  Honestly I love exfoliating. It feels so good. Even if you don’t have expensive fancy scrubs for your body or face you can use things from your own kitchen. One of my favorite go to’s ~ brown sugar & honey. If you can’t use a scrub, I would suggest a loofah or body brush. I recently got a dry brush. Bonus, for any of you who shave or wax, exfoliating prior can help avoid ingrown hairs!!!

I understand there are some who must keep their femme side secret from others.  Here’s the best part ~ even if you are completely  undercover, you too can take time everyday for some feminine self care.  Everyone needs to take care of their skin!!! (Even manly men) Just five minutes in the morning and again before bed will make all the difference. I assure you, even on a bad day, a few minutes of pampering can really lift my spirits and have me feeling femme fabulous.

A final note. There are a couple other things I do to make sure my skin is always sexy & soft. I use an SPF all year. Yep even during the grey season. I drink lots of water. I watch my diet overall because that does matter but I have always been a big water drinker. And I sweat everyday. Whether it is from a workout or sex or even just a walk  – I get my blood flowing.  I do think my glasses of red help too but I am sure my trainer would disagree lol.  If time allows, I would highly recommend indulging in a face mask on occasion. Taking care of your skin will not only help you look & feel feminine & sexy but also younger. This all applies to my lips as well. I exfoliate & moisturize them too.

Do you have a self care routine? Do you have little things that no matter what make you feel feminine even when you’re not all dolled up? Please share!!

Until next time my femme friends!



Ms Kay Marie