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Hi, everyone! If you are wondering why there was such a delay in getting this posted, it’s because it’s been a little hard to pin down Princess Kellie. She is a woman about town! Mistress Kellie is a fairly recent college grad in her 20’s.  She has a great job, aside from being a femdom, an amazing group of friends (some with benefits) and is  just really enjoying life at the moment.

At first, I wasn’t too sure how my new friend Ms. Kellie & I would get along. Other than being mistresses, we couldn’t really have that much in common. Turns out, we had much more in common that I would have thought.  Talk about being pleasantly surprised.

Princess Kellie is sexy in all worlds!

Take a moment and listen to our chat.  I am sure you are going to want to get to know her more.  (I know I do!) You can reach her not only in this world but also the virtual world. Now being a true millennial, Princess Kellie has a tumblr blog not a traditional blog.  Check it out at


Until next time!


Ms. Kay Marie


PS ~ just got a little note from Mistress Kellie that I had to share

Hey Ms. Kay Marie! I wanted to thank you SO much for inviting me to interview with you and for having me on your Cock Radio Show. I had SO much fun in chat just being myself, and you were great on the radio. Most of all, I really loved connecting with you and finding out that even though we are different in age, we still have lots in common! I would BET we could do some amazing Older/Younger 2 Mistress calls!
xoxo Kellie