Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

When can you reach me??

Typically you can reach me during the week days starting between 730-830am EST until 230pm – 430pm EST. (I do occasionally take a break to workout or grab a bite) Most weeks you can reach me on Monday & Thursday evenings until 830pm.  I’m an early riser so I take calls on the weekends starting around 730 – 8am. My MILF duties keep me hopping so if I am traveling on a weekend my schedule is subject to change.  And of course there are times that I am MILF duty free and just want to have some fun or a little me time. But don’t worry, I’ll share all the details.


Happy Hour on CockRadio – Tuesday’s at NOON EST

Catch me on Cock Radio at NOON each Tuesday.

Appointments and Requests

There are times I am not signed in for calls but I am happy to schedule an appointment or take a request. During these times I am not always available for Skype – so please check first. You may email me to schedule an appointment or ask your lovely dispatcher to contact me for a request. If I can, I am happy to do so. However, please keep in mind, I do not schedule appointments or take requests between midnight and 6am EST.




*please remember all times are EST

If you have something on your mind you would like to share prior to talking or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to email me at