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Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

When can you reach me??

Frankly I do not have a set schedule lol HOWEVER I have a general schedule. Monday – Friday on & off 9am -11pm. No I am not available that entire time. I am not available overnight. Weekends are kind of  “catch me if you can”. I usually sign in or am available at some point but since it’s subject to change ~ I might get an invite or want to binge watch something I hate to make a set schedule.

Happy Hour on CockRadio – Tuesday’s at 8pm EST

Catch me on Cock Radio at 8PM EST. Join the chat room and

Appointments and Requests

There are times I am not signed in for calls but I am happy to schedule an appointment or take a request. During these times I am not always available for Skype – so please check first. You may email me to schedule an appointment or ask your lovely dispatcher to contact me for a request. If I can, I am happy to do so. However, please keep in mind, I do not schedule appointments or take requests between 11pm and 7am EST.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – I can not stress this enough – do not plan a Skype session without confirming with me first. Don’t just send a message while you are calling in – wait for me to reply. I am not always available for Skype. If you are a new friend to me on Skype please know ~ I will not accept your request if I have not done a session with you or we do not have any mutual friends. If you call me on Skype without a session or permission – I will block you. No exceptions.