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Hi, everyone! Hope you are all having a great holiday! I am done cooking, took the pup out for a run, grabbed a shower, and since I am avoiding cleaning my kitchen, I thought I would drop you all a line to say “Hi.” Over the past week I have been touching base with some of my sexy mistress friends and seeing what they are up to over this long weekend. And since, Mistress After Hours is all about what we do when we are not being all mistress-y on you, I thought I would share.

The ever sexy Ms. Constance planned to spend today naked! That’s right, you can all be thankful for the image of THE Ass Lady in nothing but a smile.  Although, I do understand there might be an apron on during cooking.  But that is even hotter!

Speaking of food, my babe Ms. Brighton will be eating with the fam!

The talented Ms. Heather is going go hop in the saddle and go for a ride with some friends. Sorry boys, she is not going to be riding you!

Ms Cassidy, our Mistress/Live Helper/Dispatcher extraordinaire always puts her tree up. Before the game is over today, everything will be all sparkly and bright at her place!

Miss Molly, the other triple threat Mistress/Live Helper/Dispatcher, is back from her vaca and is ready for a great weekend. Now it is not going to be all work and no play for Miss Molly! You can count on her to take advantage of all the fabulous sales and do some shopping.

Now, Ms. Scarlett and I have something in common other than our red hair. As two single gals with pups, we will enjoy some outside time with our four legged friends. And she tells me, that although she has no plans to cook, she does enjoy the parties and get togethers. She is such a good time!

Ms. Daphne will be around for the better part of the weekend, that is when she is not fucking and sucking with some very lucky clients in between cam shows! And to get her into the holiday spirit, she is going to have one of her sissy slaves decorate her place. All the lights on the inside so she can enjoy. And in the true spirit of giving, if the slave is lucky she will get to sit at her mistress’s feet and rub her clitty. Oh, she will get those pink panties all wet!

To finish up our anniversary month, we are rewinding this long weekend. Check out this special!


Ms Ally, the head mistress herself, may even be in dispatch on Black Friday!

When you do call in, make sure you say hello to our dynamite dispatchers. Ms Tanya and I both had ham today! My mini me said no turkey this year! Ms. Kim takes the chance to make a call of her own. She Skypes with a friend of hers out of state while sharing margaritas! I love it!

In between MILF duties, I myself will be around over this rewind weekend. I do not typically brave the madness of shopping, although one item is only available in the store, so I might be heading out. For me, after the Dallas game, the season has officially started! As with anything, I am all about planning. Aside from MILF duty travel plans, I am all excited about decorating and baking. I am very practical with gifts and strategic with shopping! Oh, I do love the sales.

Regardless of what this season means to you, I hope it is wonderful for you and yours. And don’t forget, there is no better time to catch up with your favorite mistress than this weekend! It’s not every day that LDW celebrates it’s 13th Anniversary with a three day rewind weekend!  I will be kicking it off with an earlier broadcast of my radio Happy Hour on Cock Radio at 3pm Friday!

Until next time!

Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie