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Hey there, do you have a nylon or stocking fetish? If you do, I think you’re going to love this particular holiday post!

I’ve been (slowly) getting my Christmas decorations out of where I store them and sorting through them, to decide which ones to put out. (Yes, I’m running a bit behind.) Today, I ran across the Christmas stockings, which I’m for sure putting out. But as I hung them, my brain immediately made the leap to the other kind of stockings.

Stockings With A Garter Belt Or Without?

The great thing about this time of year is that it’s finally cold enough to wear stockings without feeling icky and sweaty. So of course, I always take advantage of that when it comes to holiday parties. I love to slip into a nice dress with some stockings and heels. Naturally, I like to wear my stockings with a garter belt. The kind with elastic in the tops are fine, I suppose, but I think the garter belt is both sexier and more practical, which are two words that rarely ever appear in the same sentence to describe the same thing!

Stocking fetish is, in my opinion, a part of the lingerie fetish umbrella. Even though you can see at least part of the stockings when a woman is fully dressed, they’re still more like underthings than outerwear. So when guys who are into lingerie are also into stockings, I’m never surprised.

Stocking Fetish Can Have More Than One Meaning

Now, the term “stocking fetish” itself can have more than one meaning. Perhaps you like seeing stockings on a woman or even engaging in a little foot and leg worship while she’s wearing them. If you’re a more Alpha sort of male, maybe you just like the feel of a pair of stocking-clad legs wrapped around your hips while you’re having sex with a woman.

Ooooooor…maybe you’re a sissy or crossdresser who likes wearing the stockings yourself. Nothing wrong with that. (But please, if you are a stocking-wearing sissy or crossdresser, do yourself a favor and wear your stockings with a garter belt.)

Let’s Get Out The Nylons For The Holidays

So I’m going to give everyone reading right now a little assignment. If you’re a Mistress who’s reading this, why not try wearing a pair of stockings to tease your subs a little this holiday season? They’ll definitely appreciate it. My friend, Mistress Autumn, lives in the South, where it’s hot most of the year, but even she says it’s now perfect weather for stockings. So unless you’re in the tropics, now would be the ideal time to wear those nylons and make those subs weak in the knees!

If you’re a stocking fetish guy who likes to look at ladies in stockings, why not jerk off tonight to some porn with stocking-clad ladies in it? Or, even better, call me or some of my lovely Mistress friends up for some stocking fetish phone sex? This also goes for those of you who love to worship those stocking-covered feet and legs.

And finally, if you’re a sissy or a crossdresser, why not put on some stockings the next time you get dressed up? If you already know you like wearing stockings, you’ll know before you even do it that you’ll have fun with them on. And if you’ve never tried them before, it’s past time that you did. I’ve never heard a sissy or crossdresser tell me they didn’t like stockings! Pantyhose, yes, but not stockings.

So let’s all indulge in some stocking fetish fun together this holiday season. What do you think?

Until next time!

Holiday Hugs,

Ms Kay Marie