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Hi, guys, let’s discuss sex toy use today! I was having a conversation with my friend Tiffany, and she gave me the idea for this blog. She told me she’d been experimenting with her toys lately. I asked her how she was doing that, and she said she’d been trying to use each one differently. Naturally, that got me to thinking about sex toys and their various uses, which ultimately spawned this blog post for you guys.

Reviving An Old Toy

A sex toy is always a lot of fun. It’s great getting a new one, trying it out, enjoying it for the first time. And it may be amazing for a while, but eventually, the novelty will wear off. That’s not to say you’ll stop using the sex toy altogether, but its usage may very well wane a bit.

I think the way to keep the fun from wearing off is to come up with new and different ways to use the same old sex toy. Or even to repurpose non-sexual items into toys. (You have to do this very safely, though. No cucumbers up your ass or anything like that!)

Here’s an example that Tiffany herself gave. She said she has a glass dildo that she really likes. But she doesn’t want to use it every time she masturbates because she likes to mix things up a little. She read online about putting the glass dildo in the freezer for a brief period of time before using it and had to give it a try herself. She said the new sensations made all the difference!

Repurposing Your Sex Toy

Another example that I thought of is a guy friend of mine who has a back massager. No, really, he bought it specifically to massage his back and neck. But one day, he got curious to see what it might feel like on his cock. (You know how men are. Eventually, they want to see what everything will feel like on their dicks!) He didn’t know if he, as a man, would respond to a vibrator on his cock like a woman does to a vibe on her clit. But he quickly learned that if he puts it below the head on the underside and turns it on? It’s an incredible feeling!

An example that I thought of myself is using nipple clamps for CBT. Clamps tend to be a little nastier, pain-wise, than things like clothespins, so doing that would definitely create a sharper, more intense sensation.

Another Use For A Vibrator

Oh, I just thought of something else you might try! Even if you’re not a fan of anal play, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some prostate stimulation. You may be wondering how this works. Well, I’ll be happy to tell you!

You can take a small vibrator and place it beneath your balls. Then, turn it on and press inwards with it, deeper into your body. This will stimulate the muscles around the prostate without you actually having to put anything in your ass. You can also use the vibrator around your anus, without actually going inside. You might find that either of these things could result in quite the explosive orgasm!

Really, you’re only limited by your own imagination here. So I encourage you to try out something new with an old sex toy and report back to let me know how it went. (But please, be safe when you do it.) You can leave me a comment, or you can call me for some hot phone sex to tell me how it goes. Talk to you soon!

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie