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So I was talking with a friend of mine about body worship the other day. She didn’t know it by that name, but that’s what the conversation was about. She was telling me that her husband likes it when she sits on his face. She said that he could lavish attention on her ass and pussy for hours, if she’d just stay up there that long.

Of course, I thought of you guys when this came up. I know a lot of you enjoy body worship and facesitting, especially. So I decided I’d share some of my thoughts on the subject with you, and then let you tell me what you think.

I Have A Really Nice Body

I wouldn’t be bragging to say I have a really nice body. As you know if you’ve been following me for any length of time, I’m quite the gym rat. I love exercising, working out, challenging my body and mind. It’s very fulfilling for me. I know it’s not everybody’s thing, but I believe it helps me keep my sanity and my positive outlook on life.

Therefore, this really nice body of mine just begs for worship. It cries out for it. It’s like a siren song to subs who enjoy body worship. They’re just drawn to me and my lovely feet, legs, ass, breasts, and so much more. (Shout out to the foot fetish guys! It’s almost Summer, and I hope you guys are ready for the influx of women wearing sandals.)

I Enjoy Queening, Too

I don’t mind that my body calls to body worship lovers, though. I actually do enjoy being worshipped by someone who is an enthusiast of such things. And when my friend mentioned the facesitting (or Queening, if you prefer), I couldn’t help but think of how much I like doing that, too. It’s nice to be able to plop one’s extremely nice ass down onto someone else’s appreciative face, after all.

I have always wondered what it’d be like to have a Queening stool. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s piece of furniture that a woman sits on. It has a hole in it and space underneath for a man’s head. So she can sit comfortably without having to worry about smothering him. I enjoy the thigh workout that balancing myself over a man’s face gives me. But I think having a piece of furniture built especially for ass worship might be fun, too.

Body Worship Means So Many Things

Of course, body worship can mean so many things. There are so many parts of the body that are exciting to worship. Some people like feet; others like legs, etc. You can even worship someone’s hands or hair, if you feel so inclined. Have you ever heard of muscle worship? Yep, that’s a thing, too. Perhaps I should get into that. I have some very nice muscles in my legs and butt, you know.

So if body worship can mean lots of different things, I’d like to know what it means to you. Yes, you. Tell me what you think about body worship in the comments. What parts of a woman’s body do you like to worship? Does it make you feel very submissive to do it? How did you learn that this is something you enjoy? Let me know, and if you’d like to have some body worship phone sex, you know how to find me! I look forward to discussing it with you guys and hearing your thoughts.

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie