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Hi there, guys, let’s talk about MILF masturbation today! Recently, I was having a conversation with three of my friends, and the topic turned, as it sometimes does, to the sexual. Specifically, we started talking about masturbation. And as we’re all MILFs, that’s why I thought I’d call this post something about MILF masturbation!

Quite A Surprise

I was actually very surprised to find out that two of the three of them don’t masturbate at all. Not by themselves, not even mutual masturbation with their husbands. I thought that was so strange! I assumed everyone masturbated at some point or another. But I have no reason to think they weren’t telling me the truth. So I suppose I was wrong in my assumption, which just absolutely blows my mind. The one other friend does masturbation, however. She does it by herself, and she claims that it helps her enjoy sex more. (Coincidence? I think not.) I truly believe that the more you know about your body and what pleasures it, the happier you’ll be sexually with a partner. And her experience seems to suggest that’s true.

My Own Personal Thoughts On Masturbation

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering where I fall on this spectrum. Or, more likely, you already know and are just curious about my masturbation habits! Well, I will be happy to satisfy your pervy desires by telling you, yes, I do indeed masturbate. There are, however, some caveats. It may seem odd, but since I’m not in a relationship right now, I find myself masturbating less often. When I do, it’s more like a quickie to scratch the itch. Generally speaking, if I want to get off, I get laid. I understand that’s not always an option for everyone, but I can usually get laid if I want. Perks of being a hot MILF and all that. When I was in a relationship, I actually masturbated more often. Why? Because we made a game of it. We engaged in mutual masturbation, both face-to-face and over FaceTime. We also used toys quite a bit. It was a little of bit of everything, both during and without having sex. I don’t know why, but I find masturbating with a partner–even if they aren’t engaging directly–way more fun.

What Do You Think About MILF Masturbation?

So those are my thoughts on masturbation, both solo and with someone. I’m going to turn the floor over to you now because I’m curious about what you think. How do you feel about MILF masturbation? Does the thought of it turn you on? Do you find yourself growing excited at the thought of a mature lady playing with herself? And is that something you’d enjoy discussing? Ok, maybe those are rather silly questions. I probably already know the answers to most of them. I’m sure you do, indeed, enjoy thinking about MILF masturbation, or you wouldn’t have read to the end of this blog post, now would you? It probably does turn you on, and you probably would like to discuss it with me. And you know me, I’m perfectly fine with that. I enjoy talking about such things! So if you’d like to give me a call to discuss my or your masturbation habits, please feel free! You can also tell me what you think in the comments. This Mistress also likes talking about male masturbation habits, so I would certainly like to hear about yours, too. How much of your summer have you spent jerking it?

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie