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Even though this blog is usually all about our personal lives and after hours time, I just couldn’t resit having a little fantasy fun mixed in with my after hours fun. No better way then jumping on the  2021 Halloween Blog Train ~ Escape Rooms. For those of you that know me, you know I love to entertain. Big or small ~ a special occasion or just because, I am always ready to be the hostess. Some of my favorite times are during weekday afternoon get togethers. I know most people live for the weekends, but as a busy MILF, they can be too busy for me. Weekday afternoons are a time I take a break just for me. Whether it is lunch and sex (I do love a nooner) or a couple hours with my MILF friends having food and wine.  That short amount of time is often my favorite part of the week.

Many of you know, I also have a magic closet.  This is a very special magical closet. It is different for everyone. (one small fun fact about my closet ~ it has a mind of its own. You may walk in one way but you only leave as you should be and not before you are ready. That is important to remember )  And it seems this year my magic closet wanted to join in the fun and is an escape room for Halloween. Are you curious how an afternoon with a few of my MILF friends and two estimates for renovations to my closet can lead to not one but two trips to my escape room?? Will both get out?? How would you get out?? 


It started with one of those random, “watcha doing at 12 until 2 or3?” texts from my friends J & A.  Those texts from my friends always mean one thing. “I am free ~ are you?  Let’s have wine ~ lots of wine, food and chat before we have to get back to adulting.”  I replied with, “can’t wait.” I started prepping some snacks. While I was getting plates out, a contractor named Tony I had asked to give me an estimate on some renovations to a  walk in closet/dressing room called. He had  time that afternoon to stop by. Smiling to myself, I told him that would be perfect. I had a couple friends stopping by and I would be home all afternoon.

Just after a half pass noon (my friend J is always late – but I love her), the ladies and I are settling in to our snacks and catching up (oh and of course having wine lol), Tony knocks on the door. After a quick introduction and a shy hello from him, he said he would just go get some measurements and be out of the way. Before he turned the corner I said to him, hoping he was listening “The door closes but will open when you’re all done with everything and ready to leave.”

Walking in the room, Tony was trying to look for his notes thinking about what measurements he needed, but was distracted by thoughts the ladies in the other room. Just a room with ladies in it chatting and having fun. His thoughts were like that bad dream everyone says they have had about showing up somewhere naked. It didn’t scare him being naked in a room full of clothed ladies, it turned him on. Lost in his thoughts, he did not notice the door starting to close.

It didn’t take long to get the measurements and a list of materials he would need. Reaching for the door, it would not open. He tried to turn the knob and a pull, but the door did not budge. I called down the hall to him, “When you are all done and ready come out here.” Ready?? He didn’t understand what I meant.  He couldn’t get out of the door. Taking off his coat in frustration, he tried the door again. Did the door move? He was still warm. Was it the closed room or was it his sweat shirt? So he took it off too. The sounds of the ladies down the hall turned him on. Oh how he loved the thought of the being in the corner of that room with them ~ naked. The though was starting to consume him. Then he realized, he could get naked. Who would know? The ladies were down the hall they wouldn’t even know. He quickly slipped off all his clothes and pushed them aside. He was so excited that he didn’t even notice how every time he took another piece of clothing off, the door opened just a little more. By the time he was naked the door was completely open. This time he heard us all calling to him, “We’re waiting for you.”

Tony had finished everything he needed to to leave the escape room and was now ready. What was he ready for? To entertain me and my friends. Tony is not the only one who enjoys  CFNM lol. Seeing Tony walk down the hall naked. He tried to hide, but he could not. He walked right into his own real life fantasy. Walking naked into a room with beautiful clothed ladies, trying to stay against the wall. He couldn’t help it, but he was getting more and more turned on the closer he got. I smiled.

My magic closet always transforms the person into what they desire. You can not leave until you have completed that transformation. I guess you can say, being an escape room for Halloween is kind of a perfect fit for my magical closet. You can not leave until you have solved it.  I don’t feel bad that Tony didn’t know the rules to my little escape room/magical closet before he entered or that he was even playing. I did tell him the door would close and would open again  when he was all done and ready to leave. I was upfront and honest ~ I did not lie (I never lie).

I still have a painting contractor stopping later in the afternoon. I hope they are not late, I want them to meet the ladies. (Or they may never get out of the closet) Check my other blog tomorrow evening for  Escape Room Magic Closet Part 2 and find out about the rest of our afternoon.

Until next time!

Halloween Hugs,

Ms Kay Marie