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Mistress at the Movies
Ms Lilly

Mistress at the Movies will be a regular post by my sexy friend Ms Lilly.  Please enjoy!!

Mistress at the Movies: Draft Day

Football & Fetishes: A Texan Femdom’s Tradition

Some of you already know that I’m a proud resident of the Lone Star State, and those of you who’ve asked about my fiance James know that some things really are bigger in Texas 😉 What you might not know is we celebrate football kick-off season with a dinner party & movie with friends, watch a game, and participate in even naughtier variants once the ESPN coverage is over.

This Year, The Film Pick Was Draft Day

An exceptional film for a couple of reasons: 1. Terrific performance by the leads & supporting cast (especially Kevin Costner; his best film in years in my opinion), 2. Good script, pacing, and story, 3. If you’ve never understood the fuss about draft day in football, this is the film that even sports buffs and complete noobs can watch and enjoy. It was a hit with the guys and the ladies 😉

After the Movie, Dinner and the Game got a bit Rowdy

Some of our guests almost came to blows over buffalo wings. The reason? One showed up in a Dallas Cowboy’s jersey, the other in New England Patriots, and began trash talking. I wound up banishing them to opposite side of the ‘field’ for the meal–but tackle football later was brutal! Once the guys finished whaling on each other much to the amusement of their Ladies, it was time for the real fun to start.

Kinky “Football” Games

One of our guests adores hardcore CBT–so much that he volunteers to help the ladies practice their punting skills on his balls! Another is an absolute perfectionist, if he doesn’t catch a pass, he’ll beg to be punished in the most delightful ways. Then when have our guest service submissives–who keep the equipment & shoes in perfect condition and scrub the soles with their tongue to avoid tracking any dirt indoors; a sissy masseuse & cheerleader with Aubrey; and a lovely puppy pet (Tamsyn) who will romp and fetch any balls that somehow get out of bounds.

Another guest made an exemplary half-time show by putting a whole new spin on ‘tight end’, and he’s always the 1st to go down 😉 Guests found guilty of unnecessary roughness during tackle football got stuck in the penalty box (stocks) where the Mistresses punished them as they saw fit (the Cowboy and Patriot found it a little hard to sit later on in the evening….)

All in all, it was an awesome evening! I’d love to hear about your favorite football traditions; feel free to share in the comments below 🙂
~Goddess Lilly

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