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Ms Kay Marie

Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone and Welcome to Mistress After Hours! Have you ever wondered what your favorite LDW Mistress does when she slips off her stilettos, unlaces her corset, steps out of her strap on harness and shuts her playroom door? Well wonder no more! I am dedicating this site to giving you a look into the daily lives of us fabulous ladies.

Not Your Usual Posts

Now you will not find your Mistress’s usual stroking assignments or cum eating games here.  I will not be sharing with you the latest adventures of my precious cuckolds in a weekly post. There is a chance that you will find some small penis humiliation ~ because let’s face it, that shit is just funny anywhere.

What You Will Find

What you will find out is how your Mistress spends some of her free time. Ever wonder what two Mistresses do when they are not together on a two Mistress call but are just two sexy ladies hanging out? What new books are they reading or what new recipes they are trying out? Mistresses might share with you their weekend down time with a guest post or maybe I’ll share with you bit of fun facts from a quick chat that I had.  As a matter of fact, look for a new post this week on a chat I had with one of our sexiest of Mistresses about her cream pie experiment! (get your head out of her pants ~ these cream pies came from her kitchen!!)

I think you will all enjoy this peek into the windows of our daily lives. Of course, everything we do is sexy because, well, we do it. However, I think you find you have more than just your kink to bond over with your favorite Femdom.

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie