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Mistress Lena is the queen of swinging.There are plenty of things I love to do on the weekends. If you’ve read any of my other posts here, you know that I’m an active type, who loves being outside. Maybe it’s just me, but working out every day in some form or another makes me feel very sexy! After I have a week of taxing my body to keep in shape, I want a bit of pleasure on the weekend.

By now, you know I am a major size queen. You BBC lovers are probably twitching with delight, since I have made it no secret that I love it too! While I do enjoy being in the middle of a cuckold relationship, getting in the middle of a threesome is just as exciting. I won’t try to speculate on how many women fantasize about being in the middle of a sex sandwich, but I get hot talking about it!

Getting all dressed up to tease and entice extra lovers at a party is a thrill that I refuse to give up. My man thinks I don’t notice how much harder he gets, having me suck his big black cock, while getting plowed from behind. You know I can’t help but notice and drain his balls, while seven or more people watch all three of us. I get a rest and it’s the redhead’s turn.

Time for me to slide underneath her, that clit beckons my tongue. You guys out there know I love women, too! Her pussy drips as my man’s thick, black cock pumps in and out of her. I get so into lapping at her clit, while her hubby fingers me. This night cannot be too long for me.

Fantasizing about trading partners with us? Let’s talk about it on a call. Read more about what I like on my blog , ! Thanks for letting me drop by, Ms. Kay Marie. See you around the empire.


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