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Hey, guys, do you remember my post on my other blog (Mistress of More) about ruined orgasms? If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to check it out. It’ll make this post make more sense.

The Most Controversial Phone Sex Blog Post Ever

I’m willing to stand up and say that that may have been the most controversial phone sex blog post ever, lol. At the very least, it was definitely the most commented-on one that I’ve ever posted. It got the most feedback of any blog I’ve written in a decade. Pretty wild, huh?

Well, I guess everyone has their own opinions on ruined orgasms and what constitutes one. I still stick by my initial assertion that a true ruined orgasm doesn’t involve any release of cum whatsoever, even a tiny drop. But everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion about it. And many of you were happy to share what you thought with me, which I really appreciated!

A Funny Call About Ruined Orgasms

Not too long after I posted that blog, I got a call from a guy who told me I didn’t understand ruined orgasms at all. I just had to laugh internally when he said that because…really? I’ve been into cock control for many, many years now. I’ve done everything from edging, to guided masturbation, to full-on male chastity with my guys. As you know, ruined orgasms are just another form of cock control. And I have plenty of experience with that!

Also, I’ve had some personal experience with ruined orgasms. I’ve had the kind of bad sex where the guy finishes before I do or just doesn’t bother getting me off at all. I’ve also had a vibrator with a rechargeable battery die on me right before the big moment. So to say I don’t know what ruined orgasms are is just downright laughable! Don’t ever tell me *I* don’t get ruined orgasms.

Orgasm Ruination With My Callers And My Partners

And, besides, I’ve ruined many an orgasm over the years. It’s something I take a particular (slightly sadistic) pleasure in. I like getting you right up to the edge multiple times, then telling you no. I have ruined partners’ orgasms with my own hands. And I have also had you guys ruin your own orgasms for me. It’d be hard for me to tell you which one I enjoy more. There’s just such a sadistic sense of glee that comes from orgasm ruination!

And I know you guys enjoy it, too. You may moan and groan and complain when you have to ruin it for me. But we both know you love me having that kind of control over your cock. I don’t feel obligated to give you an orgasm, and you love that. You crave more and more and more of it every day. And who can blame you? Having your orgasms under the control of another must be a very addictive feeling for those with submissive personalities!

So if you haven’t already weighed in on the debate on Mistress of More about what counts as a ruined orgasm, please feel free to. I would love to hear your opinion and have you add your voice to the fray. You can also leave me a comment on this post about ruined orgasms in general. I always enjoy hearing from you guys, after all. And if you’ve never tried it before, maybe give ruined orgasm phone sex a go. You never know if you’ll like it until you try it. And who knows? It may become your next big addiction.

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie