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LenaOnCouchHello ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between! I hope your weekend has been as full of dominance and submission as you desire. While I love being dominant, sometimes I just want sex and lots of it! I am lucky to have a primary partner, who not only likes to have fun with me, but loves to share as well. Over the years, our cuckold games have spilled over into a swinging lifestyle.

Did I just hear a collective gasp? But, Mistress Lena, you’re a mistress. WE didn’t think you had sex with men, really. What? Am I a robot? I love to have sex with men and women. My primary partner and I have been lucky enough to find a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy expressing their sexuality freely. I know what you’re thinking, yes, we do indulge in power exchange and role play, also.

While our naked games may not involve heavy doses of humiliation, it is so stimulating just being around other naked people. It may not seem erotic to some, sitting on a couch with nothing on, drinking wine and having a conversation. The electricity in the air is very palpable and the moment things turn sexual is like no other.

I relish these chances to swing and swap partners, letting my hair down and being my purely sexual self. Seeing another woman pleased by my man, makes me hotter for him. Everything she’s feeling, I have felt before. He loves touching and watching me,especially the closer I am to getting off with another man.

These opportunities to really enjoy our own bodies and others’ don’t happen often enough. Not many people are lucky enough to have a group of friends they hang with and have sex with. I consider us very fortunate. True, I am lucky too, because relationships like this don’t happen often. 🙂