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Mistress at the Movies Ms Lilly

Mistress at the Movies
Ms Lilly

Why I LOVED Zootopia.

In a nutshell: It’s a fantastic parable about tolerance, understanding, sanity, and the importance of following your dreams. Animals have often been given human character traits & attributes in tales & then used to tell stories. That practice is found in cultures, folklore & fables from around the world, from Aesop’s Fables to Animal Farm. Zootopia is a glorious addition to that tradition.

While Animal Farm provided a bleak, menacing outlook on the dangers inherent in certain political structures and societies, Zootopia presents a nearly polar opposite: a cosmopolitan & seemingly utopian city, where everyone, no matter their shape, size, genetics (or in this case, species), is supposed to live in harmony. Despite that, old prejudices, fears, and biases threaten the city & its citizens. The ‘perfect’ foundation of Zootopia is cracking, and only through cooperation, understanding, perseverance, and some fun and laughs along the way, can the city be saved.

It’s hard to articulate in words just how much I loved this movie.

I went into it with absolutely NO expectations (In fact, I’d lost a bet with my fiance & sitting through Zootopia was supposed to be my penalty), and I came out adoring it. Zootopia is a perfectly fine bit of family entertainment, but the subtext of the movie is what makes it a real gem.

It’s not just about following your dreams and never giving up.
It’s not just about how vital tolerance & understanding are to having a better world (and how the lack of it will bring a seemingly perfect world to the brink of ruin).
It’s not just about accepting individuals of all shapes, sizes, colors & cultures.
It’s also about the importance of judging individuals based on their merits, instead of as a group, and not allowing prejudice & fear to color our perception or how we choose to live.
Through beautifully animated animals & their amazing city, Zootopia paints a picture of our world: Of what it could be, and how it all too often is, when we allow bias, prejudice, and fear to influence our actions. It’s a timely message, wrapped in an amazingly attractive CGI gloss, and one that I love. This is joining my collection the moment it’s released on DVD.

~Goddess Lilly

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