If you have ever talked to me for a period of time, it is apparent that I enjoy being outdoors. Even though I may be pretty, one thing I am not is a prissy sissy bitch. Let’s just say that I don’t care if I break a nail or get scratches on my legs while hiking. A girl who is not afraid of some scratches from bushes on her legs, will certainly scoff at rug burns! Wink 🙂

I push myself hard during the week while working out, but I am a definite weekend warrior since I started taking Krav Maga. For those of you who don’t know, Krav Maga is the threat neutralizing martial art developed for Israeli Special Forces. It is perfect for a ball busting chick like me because it combines aikido, wrestling, judo and street fighting. You may wonder what it is like to be between my thighs, but it becomes so different when I take you down to the floor in a scissor lock!

Some of the guys in my class have commented on the sinister look that comes across my face, once I tighten my legs around their puny necks. I always make a joke about them worshipping my thigh muscles before I release them! I am ready to make them beg me not to humiliate them any further in front of the whole class. Just one of my favorite ways to spend my weekend. Maybe, you will be brave enough to step on the mat with me.

I want to thank Mistress Kay Marie for a chance to appear on this blog. It is always my pleasure! Check out https://www.thekinkadvisor.com for more glimpses into my psyche.