Sexy Geek Mistress Lilly

Sexy Geek Mistress Lilly

When Sequels Go Wrong…A re-watch of the original awesomeness is in order. Yes—I know sequels rarely live up to the original–but I still had hopes for Pitch Perfect 2. Not any more. I respectfully, vehemently, emphatically disagree with anyone who thinks it is as good as the 1st.

I’m a sexy geek Mistress and sing a capella around the house and in windtunnels, parking garages…anywhere there’s privacy and good acoustics—which is one of the reasons I ADORED Pitch Perfect. I actually didn’t know there were people out there like me who loved singing without accompaniment, much less competed. It was a classic coming of age story wrapped with some tongue in cheek humor centered around a band of talented misfits accented with awesome music mash-ups and singing. It was with fond memories of the original that I happily made my way to the box office for a fun night at the movies to watch the sequel.

Mistress review of Pitch Perfect 2

The somewhat off color commentators have descended to unpalatable crassness, rampant misogyny, and blatant racism. The characters lost some of their depth and well-rounded qualities and are stereotypes or caricatures of their former selves. New characters are one dimensional. Many of the music numbers fall flat, and seem lacking the energy & heart of the 1st—even as on stage antics and celebrity cameos scramble to make up for the lack of character development or narrative depth. Is it worth a watch?….Possibly. At red box. Netflix. Day after Thanksgiving bargain dvd sales…ect. There are some decent laughs and music numbers to be had–but you have to wade through over an hour of off-key and misfired cinematic dribble to find them.

I’m hoping that the upcoming Jurassic World won’t let me down…and maybe I’ll catch the reboot of Mad Max—tricked out dune buggies and awesome explosions in a post-apocalyptic landscape? Count me in 🙂

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