Hi Everyone! My fabulous femdom friend,  Mistress Alexis has treated us by sharing one of her passions. And when your passions need treated, make sure you check out her blog!

Alexis Mistress of Fire and Flame

Mistress Alexis

Is it even possible to separate the idea of a hot and sensual femdom†from her kinky endeavors? It is when you stop to realize that a cool and confident woman is one who is well-rounded and accepting of the whole self. One might say that the reason I tend to be good with my subs is due to a direct link with one of my favorite activities: fire and the glass arts.

Making friends with fire and flame…

I have loved watching heatworkers mold and shape glass with fire since my younger days. It was always a treat to observe them in the booth, spooling threads of fine crystal into tiny treasures that one could buy and take home. I never really thought it was something I myself would do. I suspect my love of Murano glass is a throwback to my Italian roots.

Many years passed before†I learned about glass fusing, which is basically cooking glass “recipes” in a kiln to form wearable art, housewares, and other goods. My research led me to lampwork, which involves melting glass in the flame of a torch. With enough practice, this produces beautiful beads which can be used for jewelry, zipper pulls, and other accents. Very advanced artists can even produce vessels such as perfume bottles!

I dabble in both types and love the many possibilities for use of color, shape, and style. The industry has come a LONG way in terms of offerings for the fused glass artist. That means even more design opportunities than ever before!

Heat and sensuality make a wonderful mix…

Just as a true Mistress understands that BDSM-play is a dance between herself and her sub, an artist must learn to respect her craft. One must be in total control. When working with glass, there is an interplay between thoughts and emotions, heat and sensuality, desire and result. Every piece produced is entirely different. And while there is an element of danger present, it is well worth the risk.

I enjoy bending a submissive to my will. Glass is no different. In the flame I wait patiently for the stern rod to bend, careful to mind my pace so that it doesn’t pop on me. Then we play together. We twist and bend. The glass tells me what it needs and I seek the best way to give it that. In the end we are both changed, each time for the better. I can’t wait to see what comes out of the kiln next!


Colorful Lampwork Beads