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Hi, everyone! Have you ever met someone that you just instantly clicked with? I recently had the chance to spend some time chatting with Mistress Claire. It was the first time we got to talk and honestly, I could have spent the whole day talking with her!

Although Ms Claire is newer to the Empire, she has already fit right in! She told me that she does the sensual side of stuff pretty easily but the stuff on the strict side is even more fun sometimes. Truthfully, all of her sides are fabulous! I was lucky enough to get to know her personal side a little bit. (You know me – I love getting personal lol) Take a listen to the link below.


Want to get to know her a little better yourself? (I know you do lol)
Check out her blog, Then, whether you are looking for sexy fun, sensual, strict or anything in between, you must give her a call. I am so glad I did! Can’t wait to catch up with her again soon!