Tis the Season!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Well I guess if you’re one of those that are out & about today it’s Happy Black Friday lol. I meant to post this yesterday but I could not. I wish I could blame it on a turkey coma and too much wine (like there is such a thing lol), but the truth is I had a stupid accident with the foil. Honestly – that’s it. Cut my finger good lol. So although this is a day late the feeling is all the same. As you know, this blog is to give you a peak into our after hours time. What we do when we are away from the empire. This year I thought it would be fun to get into the holiday spirit by sharing some of our holiday time  traditions.  So I sent a note to all my dispatch & mistress friends asking them to share some of their holiday happenings. I am thrilled to share I have received several responses just for Thanksgiving.

Here is the plan. Over the next five weeks or so, Mistress After Hours will be Holidays After Hours. I will be sharing anything & everything I get. It might be a few little comments or recipes or funny traditions – or even holiday fails (I am hoping that the biggest holiday fail is NOT me getting taking out by the foil cutter lol) Not all of us are into cooking turkey on Thanksgiving as you will see.  And it seems     the recipes that have been shared have “zero” calories!

I think you will enjoy these posts for the next few weeks. I know I am going to enjoy sharing them.  Isn’t that what this time of the year is all about ~~ sharing?!?!

Holiday hugs,

Ms Kay Marie