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Hi, everyone! I recently had the opportunity to do a two mistress call with LDW’s new Mistress Ms Alina. This was the first time I had the chance to talk to her. It only took a few minutes for me to ant to get to know her more. She’s intriguing, exotic, a younger mistress who has lived a lot. Now of course, I didn’t just want to know what kind of mistress she was ~ I wanted to know about her. I hit the jackpot. We couldn’t stop talking. Take a listen to our audio.  Additionally, read the little self blurb she sent me and then check out her profile on

And when you do ~ get in touch with her! You will be happy you did!


Ms Kay Marie

Introducing Ms Alina LDWs new MistressMy Austro-Hungarian (Of the Austro-Hungarian Empire or the Dual Monarchy), afforded me a fancy lineage, a privileged upbringing, remarkable education and of course, actual blue blood that icily courses in my veins 

My wild untamed spirit spans vastly and with abandon, because you know all Royal Blue Bloods are a force of nature with just the right touch of madness. 
My interests are legion. My experience spans horizons. 
It’s delightful, Darling. Care to join me for a private court engagement? 
My passion for conquering and rule exists in perfect harmony with the endless fire in my soul.
I’m an avid hunter of men, a fearless explorer of dark passion, and with me you will always find yourself out of your depth. 
I won’t let you drown, of course, because I require slaves, play things pets, and court jesters. 
Get to know me, and you might be lucky enough to be let in to my castle and inner sanctum. 
I am Alina Sky.