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Mistress Erika

Hi, there! Boy, do I have something fun to share with you.  As you all know, I recently
changed this blog to focus more on not just my personal sex life but also those of my friends ~ including my mistress friends. The other day, I had the absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with Mistress Erika. You can listen to the entire chat below. Heads up ~ we got to chatting like girls do and lost all track of time.  But honestly, it was worth every minute. I got to find out if Ms. Erika has a significant other or does she like a different dick depending on her mood? Does she like them younger or older? What about multiple partners? Oral sex or anal sex? Masturbation toys? You name it ~ I asked about it! (You know me!)

 To Know Her is to Love Her

Now, I can honestly say, once you get to know Mistress Erika, you will love her and you will want more. I know I do! Make sure you check out her blog  You can also find her in the virtual world (and most likely in your dreams- lol).

I do want to thank Ms. Erika again for being more than generous with her time. If you have any questions for her about anything she talked about, please feel free to post in them in the comments or email her:

Until next time!


Ms. Kay Marie



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