Mistress Harper loves shibari

Knots and loops have always fascinated me, so Shibari rope bondage was the inevitable endpoint.

Growing up, I never saw any of my female relatives without something crafty in their hands. Usually, they were working on crochet or knitting, creating amazingly delicate yet strong pieces of functional art. I watched hands manipulate hooks and needles and thread and yarn, with beauty dripping from their tools. Of course I was captivated, and of course I pestered relatives to teach me. I learned to crochet at 12, and taught myself to knit at 20.

Those knots and loops expanded in my mid-twenties to include rope and twine.

From crochet to knitting, and from there to macrame and decorative knot tying. You can see how it’d be such a simple step to go from such humble beginnings and wind up obsessed with rope bondage. That’s right, I went from crocheting pot holders to tying up lovers and friends and myself in increasingly intricate patterns. Decorative knots are just crochet motifs writ large, and done with your hands, after all. String decorative knots in a row, and weave supporting strands between them, and you’ve got a macrame belt or hanging sling. Put those same knots and supporting strands on a person…

I adore Shibari rope bondage.

Shibari is a Japanese type of rope bondage, born in feudal Japan and owing it’s intricate patterns to the need to restrain nobles without actually using any knots. The rope is bend and folded and wrapped so that the tension in the rope holds it together, and the roughness of the rope holds frictions in place. It’s a three dimensional puzzle and terrible beauty all in one. Kick it up a notch to rope suspensions, and well. Now you know what I spend most Sunday nights doing. Rope practice and learning new ties.

And yeah, when I need to give my hands a break from the rough hemp ropes, I drag out the silk thread and tiny hooks, and make doilies.

Listen to the audio here!


Hey Everyone! I learned something new about my friend Ms Harper!! I love to knit and crochet too! Make sure you check out her blog https://www.fetishphonesexblog.com for all sorts of sexy fun!

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