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Cruising with Delia!

Cruising with Delia!

I have returned from my wonderful week long cruise with Jack and his company! What a trip! Ms. Delia got to let her hair down. And have fun! The water, beaches and waves were spectacular. Yes, your sexy Femdom Mistress Delia let her hair down, and had a blast!


What fun I had!

I danced the nights away in the couple of night clubs, and sang my heart out in the Piano bars, especially Sweet Caroline because the Red Sox were…or had been on earlier in the night.

Cruise Food

Oh. The. Food.

Now that was a completely different story. Talk about indulgent!

From prime rib and delicious seafood to an amazing chocolate buffet they really had it all…even drinks and fun little martinis to sample. Jack enjoyed those!


But I did Exercise!

They had a great fitness center and jogging track that essentially circled the entire ship, so the views were insanely beautiful. I do not think I could ever get tired of pristine blue water straked with sunshine. It was the perfect backdrop for every run I took! Add that in with all the walking, and the excursions, and I felt justified in endulging in a little (more like HUGE) piece of cheesecake that was made without sugar, so it was a total win!


Nightlife on the Ship

Of course things got kinky! How could they not? But I will leave you a sexy strap-on picture here and if you want those details, you have to head to my BegForMistress blog where I have written all about the naughty night life I had with Jack in and around the room, and on the balcony!!

Femdom strap-on fun on the cruise was had!


I will say though it may sound silly, I thoroughly enjoyed coming back to the suite after turn down service to see the folded towel creations that had been made!

towelcrab Towelpup

So cute, right???

What a cruise! I would do it again tomorrow, honestly!