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Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the first half of Masturbation May! I am happy to say, that I am having a fantastic month thus far. Busy ~ crazy busy actually ~ but I am not complaining. I am not the only one that has been busy.

ally1The Lady at the Helm

If you have been paying attention to all the happenings in the Empire, you know that the Head Mistress herself, Ms Ally has been very busy. It’s not easy running an Empire!  We have finally joined the Mobile Site world and our sexy leader is kicking it off with FREE phone sex for two days this week!


Always Makes Time For Some Girl Time

One of the things I love most about LDW is how connected we all are to each other. Us Mistresses are always in contact. We chat, say hi, share recipes and just keep each other up to date on our daily lives. Many of us have similar interests and not just of the femdom variety, and Ms Ally is no different.

What She Does When the Stilettos Come Off

A while back, I was just chatting with her and found she too works out daily. Now, I am a gym rat and love to lift and Ms Ally loves yoga.  She takes time every chance she gets, if not everyday to be on her mat. (yep that hot ass is from daily yoga!) She was so convincing, that she got me to give up my weights for a day and take a class.

Honestly, the thing about her that warms my heart the most is just how much time and love she gives to those with paws. Not only does she foster pets, but she helps raise money and awareness for the clinics of those pets without forever homes! So the next time you receive an email reply from her, know that there is most likely a furry friend curled up close to her pretty toes while she is sending it.

If you have any questions for Ms Ally, feel free to post them in the comments section. I’ll be sure to get a reply.

Until next time!


Ms Kay Marie