Hi, everyone! Sorry this is so late,but I have had a hard time catching up with Mistress Amber. When I first came to LDW, Ms. Amber and I became fast friends. We lived entirely different personal lives on opposite ends of the country – but just clicked. So much has changed in our lives, and it had been awhile since we had hung out, but we just picked right up where we left off like no time had past at all.  The other night, I was able to steal a little bit more of Ms. Amber’s time to catch up for some “girl talk” or as I like to directly say, “How’s your sex life?” Let’s just say, my gorgeous friend is enjoying herself. Take a listen below!

Mistress Amber is not just a great friend, she is a sexy as hell mistress. Catch up on her blog, theteaseshow.com, and read more about her in her bio at voxerotic.com.  Better yet, schedule a session ~ you will not regret it!


Hope you enjoy my sharing our after hours fun as much as I do! Check back soon to hear about more of our naughtiness.


Until next time!


Ms. Kay Marie