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My sexy friend Ms Lena has many talents. Not only can she work you up ~ she can relax you. Want to know more? You can reach her by email, message her at Yahoo ID: enchantrixlena. Be sure to check out her blog

Massage Makes My World Go Around

"Massage Ur Balls!"When I’m away from the LDW universe, there are so many things that I love to do. The thing that I love the most, besides taking your kinky calls is practicing massage. If you have read my blog you know that my massage sessions can be considered a method of cock control. It has taken me three years to build up an elite clientele that I am very proud of. There is nothing more rewarding ,than having someone get off of my table feeling better than when they arrived.

I know better than anyone that men can’t resist teasing, so I have to be the one to tell them “no”. Just because a guy leaves my studio with a hard-on , doesn’t mean he did not have a good massage. I have learned to make my massages a perfect balance of therapeutic and sensual, if the client chooses the option. Make no mistake about it though, my deep tissue skills are top notch for athletes that demand it!

The importance of trust is paramount because I am depended upon to keep clients free from injury. Since I am the authority figure, people take my advice on what to do when aches and pains strike. If it’s an ache in your lower back, I suggest heat, but if the ache is in your balls…just rub them :).