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I am a very down to earth, sociable Princess that loves to be on the go-go-go! When, I am not dominating men or woman, these are 4 things I love to do when I am not available on the phone for sessions.


phone sex princess, phone princess

I am your Phone sex Princess

1) I enjoy reading. Reading is essential to my happiness I love reading to learn new things and I also read to relax. I love reading horror books and am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Stephen King book: Mr. Mercedes and his new sequel to that book Finders Keepers. I hear it is classic King! Another thing I really enjoy reading about is anything Mafia related. I also love reading and watching Mobster movies. The funny thing about that statement is I have not seen the Godfather in it’s entirety. I always fall asleep.

2) I love going to concerts. Supporting local bands and dancing my cute ass off. My most recent concert I have been to is Counting Crows. Hollis Brown opened and Citizen Cope also played. I was so happy! I got to dance in the rain. It poured and my t-shirt was like a second skin. You could see right through it. I didn’t care. I really shouldn’t be surprised it rained the way it did. Adam Duritz is the Rain King. Tee-hee I don’t think anyone minded, really. Just had a great time. Going to concerts is one thing I always want to do more of. 🙂

3) Making cupcakes. I still do that. I am really into and will take orders, not from you of course! 😉  I just love cooking and baking. I derive a lot of pleasure from it. The one thing, I don’t really like to do– is the prep work. Cutting and dicing. I need a sissy maid to do that for me and the dishes! Tee-hee I actually, let my boyfriend do the dishes but he is not always here so a sissy maid is most definitely needed! I used to have one– but she got married and moved to California…I do miss her.


4) I love the simple things in life. To me there is nothing like a wonderful long soak in a tub filled with bubbles! I enjoy luxurious bath products and lavender scented anything usually makes me go to my happy place. I love to put on some classical music, drink some wine and let a small piece of dark chocolate melt in my mouth as I close my eyes and smile. Isn’t life wonderful? I know it’s terribly indulgent but I tend to take a quick shower after my bath and then air dry in a soft robe.

Want to wash my back?

I am sure you would love to have that honor! tee-hee.


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