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KayMarie (85)Hi, everyone! Happy Weekend! Hope you are all well and warm! I am having my coldest weather of the season, so cold I am staying in. And in all honesty, I am not bothered by it, lol. As many know, I have been crazy busy, like since before the holidays. So having an only normal crazy weekend is quite relaxing. If the weather is telling me to stay home, I’m listening!

Last week my lovely friend, Alice, posted about a show, Dexter, which happens to be on my watch list. So what do you do in this part of the country when you are MILF duty free and it is too cold and nasty out to get out and about? You binge on Netflix and Prime or clean out your DVR since you haven’t watched anything on it in months (OK – I binge watch even when the weather is nice). Before I get to Dexter, I am finishing up re-watching the first two seasons of The Blacklist, so I can start the current season. I will say, I had a crush on James Spader back in college (maybe even before), and that crush is still “Red” hot!(If you are a fan of the show, you get the pun).

Just because it is too cold to go out shopping doesn’t mean I am not going to shop! President’s Day Weekend is one of the best for sales. Yes, there are the Lovey Day sales too, but the real bang for your buck, check out the President’s Day Sales. So this Mistress, with gift cards in hand, is going to take full advantage of those sales! My favorite part of the sales this time of year, the previews of the next season’s stuff. Whether it is clothes or things for your home, it’s one of the best times of the year for sales and getting ideas.

And since it is technically a long weekend for me, I am going to make another latte and curl up in my yogas with the beast and a book. There are times I just love the silence. Although if you have ever heard the beast snore, you know it’s not quiet for long.

Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time!
Ms Kay Marie