Mistress Brighton wants to spend Christmas with you. 1-800-601-6975

If you’ve been following my tweets and blog posts, then you already know I’m having a skeletastic, skeleton/halloween themed Christmas this year. Because both are my favorite holidays!brightontree In preparation for said holiday, I’ve been decorating around the house and whipping up some special treats! One of my favorite forms of home decor are candles.

A Christmas Fit For A Pyromaniac

I do not own a fireplace, which makes me sad. One day I will, and since I love the ambiance a warm, crackling fire (and I just really like fire) gives a room, I’ve settled for candles, LOTS of candles! A friend of mine was generous enough to gift me some gorgeous candle holders that she no longer needed, because she knows what a candle freak I am. And I am currently in the process of getting some more candelabra, but in the meantime, check out these beauties:


Aren’t they pretty? I will be hanging them in my living room once I’m done blogging. The tree you see in the picture (yes that’s a tree) is my artificial tree that I have been using every year. I would like to try out having a real tree, but for now, I am quite content with my faux fir. Now, being that I am quite the incendiary hostess, I am also hunting for a train set.


A Choo Choo Wonderland

I have loved train sets since I was a wee one, thanks to my dad having some vintage train sets,that still work, I might add, and I did at one point, have a Christmas tree train set, but it wasn’t nearly as good of a quality as the vintage sets my dad owns. So I am now looking for a new one. For the most part, I am ready for Christmas, with the exception of that last addition.

The Gift That Keeps On Baking

I will also be cooking and baking for the holidays. Every year I make a big feast, and I bake! This year I’m making a batch of Christmas cookies, a rum cake, a few pies, and a birthday cake for my boy toy, because he has a Christmas birthday! He’s very spoiled, and if you read my Kinky Wonderland blog post, he’s also well taken care of, and with good reason. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s going to happen to all the cake and pies, since I have a predilection for sploshing. Well, you bet your sweet ass I’m saving some of that cake and pie for a roll on the plastic sheeting! LOL! I hope you’re all enjoying your December. I will be around for calls Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I hope I hear from you.