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Mistress After Hours Revamped

Mistress After Hours Gets Back to Full “Swing”

Hi, everyone! Hope this finds you well. It’s been awhile – too long truthfully. When I first came up with idea for Mistress After Hours, I wanted it to be a way for all of you to get little peak into your favorite Mistress’s down time. You know, the time spent just hanging out. It was great. I shared recipes and such. Ms. Lilly (isn’t she sexy as hell??) was up on movies. And you know, I always touched base with my Mistress BFF, Ms. Delia, on her travel plans. But the truth is, like many of you, we are creatures of habit. I go to the gym, I bake, I read, I’m a rock star MILF. So sometimes posting something new was few and far between.

Then one day, while on my radio show, Happy Hour, I mentioned some details about my personal sex life. How, when the MILF duties allow, the man (aka The Dick) and I enjoy our time at the swing club. Yes, we are a real life suburban swinging couple – and this means something different to everyone. But the one thing everyone had in common ~ questions – lots of questions. I mean the “wanna-be” cuckolds. The sissy cock suckers. The sissy slut cock lovers. The voyeurs. The exhibitionists. And so many more. They all had questions. Many asked, “How did you start?” or “What’s it like?” Many simply wanted to know, “Have you met someone like me?”

Sex Swinging and MILF in the Middle

So, I am switching the focus of this site. I am going to post about not just my personal sex life and experiences in the swinging life style, but also those who I know. I will also be reaching out to my Mistress friends to get them to share their experiences, as well. Yes, we do have our own personal sex lives – lol. As a matter of fact, look for an interview this month with Mistress Delia and her subby hubby Jack.

Hope you all enjoy this new peak into our private, after hours, lives. If you have questions about the lifestyle, please message me. Even if it’s something that I do not have personal experience in (yes, there are things I haven’t done!) I will reach out to my friends that I know and get you some insight.

Until next time!

Ms. Kay Marie


Catching Up with Mistress Delia

Hi, again! Hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer. It seems to be flying by for me. Summer is short here, and I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to call many of my girlfriends. As many of you know, I consider Mistress Delia one of my . . . → Read More: Catching Up with Mistress Delia

Happy Fourth of July from Mistress Kay Marie

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

Summer Holiday Fun

Hi, everyone! Happy Fourth of July Weekend! And with the way the holiday is falling, for most it is going to be nice long one, too. What are your plans? Since I live in the part of the country where summer is short, I’m trying . . . → Read More: Happy Fourth of July from Mistress Kay Marie

Weekends are for Swinging

There are plenty of things I love to do on the weekends. If you’ve read any of my other posts here, you know that I’m an active type, who loves being outside. Maybe it’s just me, but working out every day in some form or another makes me feel very sexy! After . . . → Read More: Weekends are for Swinging

Mistress Lena Martial Arts Mistress

If you have ever talked to me for a period of time, it is apparent that I enjoy being outdoors. Even though I may be pretty, one thing I am not is a prissy sissy bitch. Let’s just say that I don’t care if I break a nail or get scratches on my legs . . . → Read More: Mistress Lena Martial Arts Mistress

Ms Kay Marie Had an Awesome MILF Day

Ms Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and having a happy hump day! I have been good. It has been way too long since I have touched base with all of you so I wanted to say hi. Last time, you might remember, I was taking a sick day. . . . → Read More: Ms Kay Marie Had an Awesome MILF Day

Ms Kay Marie Is Calling In Sick

Curled up in bed

Hi Everyone! Hope this finds you all well and ready for the weekend. I am hoping to have a productive weekend. The weather is beautiful – sunny and 70’s – (last weekend I had 5 inches of snow) and I am finally starting to feel like myself. See, I . . . → Read More: Ms Kay Marie Is Calling In Sick

Ms. Brighton After Hours

Sensual Mistress Brighton 1-800-601-6975

I’ve been meaning to submit a Mistress After Hours post for a while, but time, life and work sometimes get in the way. Alas here we are! I’m sure some of you wonder what “non-mistressy” things some of us do when we’re not spanking your balls or making you . . . → Read More: Ms. Brighton After Hours

Mistress at the Movies with Ms. Lilly: Zootopia

Mistress at the MoviesMs Lilly

Why I LOVED Zootopia.

In a nutshell: It’s a fantastic parable about tolerance, understanding, sanity, and the importance of following your dreams. Animals have often been given human character traits & attributes in tales & then used to tell stories. That practice is found in cultures, folklore & . . . → Read More: Mistress at the Movies with Ms. Lilly: Zootopia

Being Snowed in With Ms. Kay Marie

Hi, everyone! Happy Weekend! Hope you are all well and warm! I am having my coldest weather of the season, so cold I am staying in. And in all honesty, I am not bothered by it, lol. As many know, I have been crazy busy, like since before the holidays. So having an only . . . → Read More: Being Snowed in With Ms. Kay Marie